Monday, July 4, 2011

Pearly Black BMW (Pick-up Lines Chapter 12)

Starbucks Veranda
July 3.  10pm

… and so I find myself here having a cup of coffee mocha paired with a sumptuous cinnamon roll after a sweaty day at the sauna gym. hehehehe  I wanted time for myself, to do some internalization and breather from the alcohol-packed weekend.  Bad Hush.  Hay.

I had work yesterday, yet still I went out.  


Mark had suddenly resurfaced and texted me whether I wanted to hang out.  I've had my apprehensions with him when we went out, and needless to say, I didn't want to be alone with him, so I texted Carlo if Malate sounded good that night.

'Ate, para atang panay na tayo sa Malate ah.  Baka pagsawaan tayo ng mga boys at mauumay sila sa ganda natin', he responded.

'Wag naman.. sana. hahaha o ano, game ka ba?  Sunduin kita at 12.30am'

Mark was so persistent on my whereabouts, even if I told him that I was on my way already.  Atat much lang, I can't blame the guy. hehehehe  Yet it was getting on my nerves, that when I reached Chelu, I went directly to the bar and grabbed some Ice.

'O, saan ka na Hush?'  Mark again.

'Inside.  Bar.'

'Huh?  Nandito ako sa labas nag.aantay sayo.  Di mo man lang sinabi nakarating ka na'

'Eh di pasok ka.  I'm here.'

'Wag na.  Alis na nga ako rito.  Nagmukha akong tanga sa kakaantay sayo at nandyan ka na pala.'

'Stop the drama and get inside'

Sheesh.  Di pa nga tayo, nagger ka na, was running at the back of my mind.

'Alis na ako'

'Ok.'  Duh.  If he expects me to beg and run after him, no-way buddy.  I have better things to do.

I turned my attention to the dancefloor.  Man, I love this place was underrated. hehehe

Somebody pinched me on the stomach.  Kris.

'Hey you', I said.


'Who you with?  Boyfriend?'  I'm not sure if he heard the sarcasm.

'No, friend from Iloilo'

Ok.  I let him be.  No need to fuss about him, give chance to others. hehehe

Back to the scene.  They played good songs that night (including Pit's Give me Everything, which I belted out to my heart's content! hehehehehe) but somehow the overtime I rendered drained me, so I rested my back at the bar and bob my head to the beat.  Pa-cute lang. hehehehe

Then out of nowhere, he came out from the crowd, smoldering from the dry ice effect, with the crowd parting to let him pass. hehehe Exagg, but he did stand out. 

He caught sight of me, and I tried not to notice.  Sh3t, he still looked good after all these years, 42, I think per Jeff, my mind rolled.  Sh3t again, what was he doing here??  This is why I have been avoiding Bed and O-bar in the first place, he frequents those places and I thought he would never set foot in Chelu.  Darn.  I'd have to find another bar to avoid bumping into him in the future.  Tsk tsk!

He passed by me without any acknowledgment.  hehehe Good, good.  Still, it nagged me that he didn't even say hi.  Ano ba talaga gusto mo, Hush?? hehehehe  I was battling myself.

Then he came back.  He subtly touched my hands and smiled sheepishly.  

'You', I said.

'Yes me', he laughed.

'What are you doing here?' I asked indignantly.


Aba!  Ginawang CR ang Chelu. hahahahahaha

'What happened to you?', Les asked (btw, I named him Pearl before after his place at Roxas Blvd, but heck, let's name him. hehehehe)

'Nothing. Same still.  You sure you approached the right guy?'  Yes, I'm playing the name game.

'Hahahhaha of course!! How could I forget a beautiful face like yours?  You are Hush'

Again, my knees wobbled.  Man, he had that effect on me.  I gazed at him and his physique.  Hmmmm… he seemed out of shape, but still he smelled the same and wore the same brand, AX.. or was that the same shirt as before? hehehehehehhe so mean. hahahaha

'You're drunk'  I pointed out.

'I know right??  But still I remember you, Hush.  It's what, like 2 years that we last meet?  I kept a journal, you know'

Sorry, wrong.  It was August 2010, but what's the point in arguing.

'I like your hair better now, Hush.  It's neat unlike the long-cut you sported last time', he prodded and illustrated.

'Uy! I didn't sport that look!  Must be some random guy you met!'

'No it was you!' he pointed out.

I noticed his hands were already at my sides and he did that weird macho dance.  Darn.

'I've been looking all over for you'  he continued.

O-oh.  Jeff must have told him I hang out at his place.

'So where do you reside now, Hush?  Still at Ortigas?'

'Nah, I left and settled in Mandaluyong.. sa loob', my lame effort at a punchline.

'Oh, I reside in the same area.  Which part in Mandaluyong?'

'Huh?  Aren't you staying at the Pearl of the Orient?  You moved out?'

He grew silent.

'Where in Mandaluyong do you live?'  I nagged.  I thought, he was just around the corner, and I didn't know!  Plus, I factored in that he frequents Boracay, as his business is there.

'I made it up.  I still go home to the same place' 

Ha!  He thought I forgot.  That kind of information never slips my mind. hehehe

'So will you finally relent and go home with me?', he pleaded.

He zoomed in suddenly and smacked me.  Knowing me, I didn't allow this to pass without nibbling his lips! hehehehe  Hmmmm.. his mouth still feels the same guava-taste.  I tried again.. definitely guava! hehehe I wonder if there's a guava-flavoured smint, I would definitely buy, very addictive. hehe

'hmmm.. I'll think about it'

He rolled his eyes.

'I'll leave you'

Aba!  This night is full of threats of walking out.  Puttanesca lang.

'I'm with Carlo.  I have to take him home'

'Have him take a cab'

Man, I was torn.  I know this guy just wants s3x, but I can't resist his charms, sweeping deep into my.. uhm.. groin. hehehehe

I decided to go with Les at the expense of dagger-looks by Carlo.

'Sinabihan mo sana ako ng maaga para di na ako nag.antay ng matagal sa inyong dalawa!', was his departing words, while slamming the cab door later.  Drama much.

'Let's go.'

I didn't realize Les was there.

'Where did you park.  Tara, hatid kita doon'

'San kotse mo'

'There.  You still recall my car, right?'

How can I not, gleaming in the dark was his black BMW.

'Ah yan ba, tara buksan mo na', intentionally pinpointing the Mazda3 parked besides it.  He grimaced.  I laughed inside. hehehe  Yobong kasi.

We just made a U-turn to where Blake was safely tucked and convoyed towards his condominium.. and it happened.. yet again.  (Don't know if it's a smiley or saddy-face I should place here)

He gazed at me fondly.

'Alam mo ba Hush, pinagseselosan ka ni Richard.'

Richard was his ex who turned out to be a schoolmate back in Cebu.  Small, small world.

'Bakit naman?  Isn't he over you'

I was smirking.  Talaga lang.  Mas bata at sariwa ata ako sa kanya! hahahahha

'Di ko alam, but I'm over him, you know.  Kaw nalang baby ko..'

Hahahaha frankly, I only desire him because he is rich.  Yes, he is good-looking, his body to die for, but still, what strikes him most to me is his wealth rather than his personality, the idea of showing him off to friends, yet, my conscience bothers me profusely.  No feelings at all.. uhm, ok, I take it back.  I only have feelings between my thighs for him.  Hay.

And to think, I had wanted a sugar-daddy.  Di rin pala.

*hush, hush*


  1. Hays Malate. Hindi ko alam na empress ka pala dun. I should have made curtsy when I was still there. Lolz.

  2. Mugen, I prefer beso beso to a fellow royalty :p hahahaha