Friday, January 28, 2011

Torpe Hush (Pick-up lines Chapter 5)

New Year

Start of a new year.  Whatever you do on that day, you do it for the rest of the year.  

I found myself with a bottle of Ice, slowly navigating among the sea of men.  Not a good sign to start the year right, but I couldn't care less.  I don't want to celebrate the day alone at my place, drinking champagne to myself, I'd rather go out with buddy Ferns.

I was getting tired of the same crowd.  I was not so much enjoying the dancefloor as I used to.  I was doing the pa-cute sway, and putting a hold on myself.  We bumped into Mr. Fishnet, Ferns' you-just-don't-get-it suitor.  It was my fault actually, I was bridging them together.  I thought that he was ok at first, he was really decent when we first met him, kalbo, with goatee, cool shirt, typical laid-back guy.  He was way-ok.  Then the inevitable happened, we saw his FB account.  Not good.  Then we met him again on a party weekend, with red-dyed hair, make-up and fishnets(??) on his sleeves. hahaha We were mortified! hehehe  Friends nalang.

Then something, rather someone (hehe) steered my attention to the bar.  He was with his group of friends (may mga lobong umaaligid tsk tsk) and he had this nonchalant way of laughing at a private joke his friend whispered to him.  He was wearing red polo shirt, holding his cup of beer and a bit tipsy.  He was petite, straight hair that landed on his forehead and had a pinkish-white glow to him. :)  Para lang naka Ponds :) hahaha

I tugged Ferns to the bar and lingered besides his group.  I checked myself at the mirror behind the bar to see if I still looked, uhm, presentable. hehe Not bad. haha  I glanced his way, but he was engrossed with his group's conversation.  I checked myself again.  Hmmm.. ok naman ah.  I tried to make eye-contact, aba deadma! I was beginning to fret.  I can't simply walk through his group and introduce myself, epal naman.

I positioned myself right across him, so it'd be easier for him to look my way.  No effect pa rin!!  I was challenged.  I was thinking of ploys to win him, to pick him up, but the situation proved difficult, he was well-guarded within his circle of friends, and I realized, and to my horrification, I was feeling torpe?? 

It dawned on me that apprehension got the best in me.  I was thinking, 'what if he doesn't like me?  what if his friends won't allow me to introduce myself?  what if tatarayan nya ako?  what if he'll dismiss me?  Dyahe naman.'  And as all torpe do, I gave up on my quest. Darn!  Bakit di umeffect ang Ice sa akin ngayon??


We were dancing when I noticed that my object of affection's group were besides us.  I was suddenly enlightened :)  Di pala magtatapos sa sad story toh. I asked Mr. Fishnet to introduce us instead, as I still had no guts (ano ba yan Ice, naka 5 na ako, di ka parin sumipa!).  Ferns helped also to bridge us and lo-and-behold, I was dancing with him :)

Hush: 'You're cute :)'

Kris: 'Ano ako shi-tzu?'

H: (puzzled) 'kasi?'

K: 'kasi sabi mo I'm cute.  Aso lang sinasabihan nyan!'

H: 'hahaha hmmmm.. more like chow-chow! hahaha sige nga aw ka!'

K: 'hahahaha'

H: 'so do I get the pleasure of knowing your name?'

K: 'I'm Kris, you are?'

H: 'Call me Hush.  Say, save my number'

K: 'I don't have my phone with me'

(puttanesca naman oh!)

H: 'Hmmmm.. I also left my phone.  Will you memorize my digits?'

K: 'Sure.'

H: 'You're drunk.  You sure you can remember it?' (sigurista??)

K: 'Yah, I can'

I asked him 3 times afterwards and he seemed to internalize my number.  I asked him after we parted and he still got it clearly, so I was confident he'd text.

Somewhere in Mandaluyong.

I woke up around 10am, I couldn't sleep and his image keeps haunting my mind.  I was fidgeting my mobile and whenever a text message was received, I was giddy to see who it was.  The wait was unbearable. :(

Then an unknown number popped up around 2pm.  It read 'Ey'.  It was Kris.  I was kilig. I was touched.  He memorized my number! hihihihi

It was agreed that I'd meet him around 10pm prior to his shift at Peoplesupport.


He had on a black top that night and he was complaining of the pain from his newly-pierced ear.  He was cute.  I was mesmerized.  We talked, we seemed to click as we both love music, I shared my MP3 on my nano, he copied titles so that he can download them as well.

We were just inside my car, listening to music and talking.  Trivial stuff. 2 hours of doing nothing until..

We kissed. and kissed. and kissed.


I was confused with the way things were going with Kris.  He was sometimes sweet, then uber sungit.  I sought advise from Ferns, and he said, 'eh di ba sya yung girl? kelangan mo lambingin at suyuin pero wag mo i.spoil'. Ok.  I realigned my strategies.  I text him.

'Hi Kris, ano gawa mo mayang gabi?'

'Not sure. kaw ba?'

'My friends have not texted me to go out.  I feel like drinking'

'Ako rin.'

'Hmmmm.. I'd invite you kaso baka you'd turn down my offer' (I'd invited him for dinner within that week but he didn't feel up  to it)

'Alam mo Hush, you are afraid of rejection'

'Yup, I am.  I am not used to it'

Silence.  I texted again.

'Hmmm.. text me Kris if you plan to go out'


Totoot.  Kris.

'Have a fun night ahead!'

'hmmmmm.. thanks. kaw din.'

Then I saw him at the bar, but I pretended not to know.  I waited for a couple of minutes before I texted him again.

'Hey, I saw your friend here.  Are you here also?'


'I am also here'

'I know.  I saw you'

'Hmmmm.. where you at?'


'Hmmmm.. kind of awkward that we are in the same place and I don't get to say hi'

'This is my night, let me enjoy it with my friends. We'll hang out later this week.  You enjoy your night also'

Leche flan! I didn't reply to his message.  Darn.  I had to be careful with my actions, not to be too naughty with someone that night, I don't want to spoil my intentions for Kris.  I had to avoid some cutie guy's gaze but one slipped when he grabbed hold of me, pulled me to the dancefloor and kissed me.  I had no choice but to respond back. hehehehe No sign of Kris so far. hehehe


Ferns and I went out to do our usual 're-touch'. hehe We wanted to look fresh again.  Then Kris texted me.

'San ka?'

'Dito lang sa labas, papalamig'

'Nalungkot ako.  Nasnatch yung iphone4 ng friend ko.  Bigay pa naman ng nanay nya yun'

'Sh@#t! san ka ba?' (Echos lang mga hushkins para as if concern! hahaha I couldn't care if his friend's phone was snatched or not!!)

'Dito sa couch po' (Ayan na, naglalambing na)

'Sige puntahan kita'

I hugged him when I saw him.  He cuddled up to me.  I kissed him and he narrated how it happened, how his friend bought fishballs while texting outside, and a kid just stole away his phone.  At the back of my mind, Tanga kasi, but I showed sympathy. hehehe I hugged him tight and whispered, 'it's ok' and 'ako na hahatid sa yo pag-uwi mo ha'.  He consented.  I was happy :)

I introduced Kris to Ferns and Aldrin and bid our farewells also.

I subtly dropped the idea of him staying at my place for the night.  He hugged me inside the car, so I guess that was a sign of approval. :)

He found my place nice and comfortable.  I gave him some clothes to change into.  I kissed him.  He reciprocated.  He took off his clothes.  I kissed his forehead.  I smelled his nape, I tugged at his ear.  He responded to my warmth and he took off my clothes.. and I guess the inevitable happened.  We made love :) hehehehe  My first paputok in 2011! hahaha

That night was my happiest so far.  He slept like a baby.  He was resting his forehead on my chest the entire night.  I just gazed at him.


Kris last message to me:

'We nid to put an end to dis.  Ako ung may prob.  I cnt keep a rel ryt now, esp pag di ako sure dhil yoko rin mkasakit.  Sorry.  But im wishing 4 ur happiness din.  God bless'

Ouch. I didn't respond back. hayst!

Hush hush for now*