Saturday, January 15, 2011

Pit Senyor! (Age of Innocence)

Cebu will be celebrating it's biggest mardi gras and procession this weekend!  Though I may not be able to join in the actual worship and festivities, I'll celebrate in my own way :)

I've always been thankful to Sto Nino for all the blessings he has beset on my family.  Until now, I have a soft heart to the divine image and will continue to be a devout follower of the Blessed Child.  I always ensure that whenever I go back to my hometown, I visit The Basilica and offer my thanksgiving.  

The Catholic Church have always reiterated that we emulate the innocence of a child that Sto. Nino depicts.  In this age where it's so hard to forgive and ask for forgiveness, it makes me think of my younger years, days I seem to forget, of how easy it was to condone a playmate who pushed you or made you cry, or poke him back after an endless banter of insults and ask him to play games again.  It was afterall, the age of innocence.. hay.  If only it was that easy to do so now.. :(

HAPPY SINULOG, hushkins!! :) Viva Pit Senyor! :)

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