Monday, January 31, 2011

Ang Kaartehan ni Hush

Inspired by my idol CC's eck-centricities series, I've decided to post the regimens that I do to keep my skin feeling fresh and youthfully glowing, mga kaartehan lang :)
Johnsons Baby Shampoo, Asquith & Somerset Wild Rose
Body Wash, NIvea Whitening Facial Wash, Migamsu
Brightening Rice Water, L'oreal expert power clean 

I start the day right by taking a long, clean bath, around 30 to 40 minutes at the most.  I use J&J baby shampoo as I find that my scalp is very sensitive and can only take so much.  It needs the mild touch that J&J can give.  However, when stress sets in and I develop flakes, I turn to L'oreal Expert Power Clean to help me combat those ugly signs of dandruff.  Ugh.

For my skin, I use Likas Papaya (not in the picture hehe) to enhance my fair-skinned complexion (hahaha) and since Likas has this strong ingredient that dries up the skin, I complement this by using a body wash full of moisturizers, and my favorite is Marks&Spencer's China Blue body wash (again not on picture, I went out of stock).  The Asquith & Somerset is remnant of my mama's stay with me. I haven't tried it actually, maybe later.

I am very peculiar with what I use for my face, and as much as possible, only adhere to one brand.  Before, I was consistent with Nivea's Whitening Facial Wash for men, but I discovered that FaceShop's Migamsu Brightening Rice Water did wonders to my skin.  I felt that it evened out the texture of my skin and had this glowing effect afterwards (walang basagan ng trip! hehe My Ex did notice it when we had dinner somewhere in Tomas Morato).  So until now, I'm using Migamsu over Nivea for my facial care.

After drying myself, I tend to my face again with Celeteque's facial moisturizer and I like this brand coz it's water-based and non-greasy.  This is one of my top secret why until now, a lot still mistake me for a 23-year-old guy! :) hihihihi 

Scent is also important to my well-being and I feel uncomfortable without spraying one.  I'm sure you all know this, but to make the scent last longer, tap lotion on the parts you will spray perfume on. :) These are my favorite brands, so far and I use these for the following occasions:

Versace's Eau Fraiche, Lacoste Essential and Polo Black (not in picture) - for office.  These are very light scented but provides me that impact I want to deliver when I arrive :)

D&G light blue for men - when I go to the gym.  It's a manly scent and camouflages whatever feminity I may exude. hahahahaha :) 

D&G 10 La Roue de La Fortune - sheet, very hard to pronounce, and I simply call it The 10.  This is my favorite among my favorites for now and I use it for clubbing.  It is very strong and ideal during nighttimes (though I use it occasionally during the day).  It's new from D&G so not a lot of people wear it, and I stand out with it's fragrance :)

Lastly, D&G Light Blue - the powdery scent that every female wants.  This is for times I feel like being cuddly and beautiful! hahahaha
Versace's Eau Fraiche, D&G Light Blue for Men,
D&G 10 La Roue de La Fortune, D&G Light Blue for women,
Lacoste Essential

Hay! The things we do to combat ageing! hahaha  Hope this helps in making our world a beautiful place to live in! :)  

Hush hush for now**

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