Sunday, July 17, 2011

Watch The Sun Come Up

♫ Hey, good morning
Hey, it's calling ♪
♪ Hey, good morning
Watch the sun come up ♫
♪ It's calling
I want another day with you ♫ ^_^

The much anticipated white party, the fuss and excitement over this event, went backseat and this song keeps repeating in my head.


Good morning! :)

*hush hush*


  1. hello green breaker. lingaw mana white party. everybody's jolly and happy, dancing on the streets, and i get that high feeling. If you've seen queer as folks, in.ana sya, kadto ni adto ug miami si brian kenny and g.labayan sya ug flower sa bride :)

    pero wala ko ni dayon last sat. i opted to go with someone i like ^_^

  2. i like your animated banner. its so cute!
    . . .and also your new layout.

  3. thank you anonymous.. its all the creative ideas of my best buddy, Roripuff ^_^

  4. nandun ka sa white party?

    grabe ang mga tao sa chelu! ang wild! haha!

    ayan! much better yung layout mo naun... so relaxing!

  5. hi shenanigans. nope nope, didn't push through with the white party, but i know that it's wild!! :)