Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Not So Classic Savory

July 12
Lunchtime, Makati

Jechel announced to the group that we would take our lunch at Savory Chicken and proceeded to show to us the free stub that offered free 16pcs shanghai rolls.  I asked, are there strings attached, such as minimum purchase spent?  No, she responded, as long as we  eat at the restaurant.

Cool.  There's one in Makati Avenue, but apparently, that one is the ORIGINAL Savory Chicken, which is different from CLASSIC Savory Chicken.  That I didn't know. :(

So off we went to D-Link (right across Landmark) and proudly showed the free stub :) We thought of just ordering rice (I mean, 16 pcs is enough for 4 people, right??) and bottomless tap water, but gallantry (and probably stagger-stares from the manager later) shoved us to order another viand, the half-chicken-something from the menu. hehehe

.. and to our horror amazement, we were served this:

Look closely!!!

The lumpia shanghai were sliced into 2, which is way way different from the coupon they gave out!  Talk about deceiving marketing strategies!!

I know that, yah, the thing was for free, but they should portray what they will actually serve the clients!!  Regardless if its half the lumpia shanghai or not!!! Hmf!! 

No wonder, even at lunchtime, this restaurant has few customers.  Tsk tsk.  

.. and because I felt short-changed (though it was free hahahaha!), I trudged towards Landmark and bought myself some taro milk tea at Chatime :)  Large please :)

Yummy!!  The blend of taro and milk tea soothed my scratchy throat and was refreshingly good :9  Price though is at Php90.. so-so :)

Then again…

What am I to do with these stubs??? hahahahahahaha :p

Hhmmmm.. I'll use this on Sunday with Josh :)  Josh who?? hehe

*hush hush*


  1. Kahit pa anong sabihin niyo, classic savory is the best for me. We visit savory twice a week, and we love the food eversince. Kung ayaw mo ng coupon mo, akin na lang yan.Hahaha!Kasi kami every visit, may free shanghai. Free lang naman yan, choosy ka pa. Pag suki ka ng savory, kahit walang promo, kakain ka. Dahil hindi naman iyon ang hinahabol mo. Yung lasa ng pagkain. Yun lang...

  2. Tuwing punta namin sa Classic Savory, anumang branch, laging maraming tao. Baka kaya di mo alam na maraming customers talaga sa Savory dahil FIRST TIME mo lang dun. Hinahabol mo lang dun ata yung mga FREE STUBS. :)

  3. oh, ikaw na!! ikaw na ang Savory afficionado!! hahahahahaa ^_^