Sunday, September 12, 2010

Pick up lines (chapter 1)

This will be a series of 'kakulitan' that I did or do (in short, my biga misadventures! hahahahha)

It was Saturday, sometime late February of 2009.  I was just nursing a broken heart and my night is doomed to be bleak if I don't do anything about it.  I grab my phone:

Hush: pre, ano trip mo tonight?

Fern: wala. gimmick tayo! hehehehe

Hush: cge, let's meet in Nakpil then sabay tayo punta Bed

Fern: okies

This is what I like about Fernz, walang pakimi-kimidora =)  You can easily tap him for night-outs plus we were single then, so no apprehensions of cheating blah blah.

My usual routine prior to any 'outing' would be to sweat off at the gym, grab something to eat (I think then I took out chicken and beef turnover at Le Coeur de France) and sleep.. beauty rest, to look fresh the entire night! hehehehe  I would wake up at 11pm coz it takes me an hour to prepare.. and the highlight of that hour's preparation is the make-up. hihihi no, no, hushkins, I don't turn into a drag queen at night but I just like to highlight my good genes with a concealer (trade secret no. 1) and MAC NC35 does wonders!! Trust me. hahahahhahaha  Will share with you other trade secrets in my other biga series.

I met Ferns and paid php350 (this be better worth it) at the entrance.  We were met with gazes and dancing bodies, some in groupies, others just loitering alone at the infamous curtain entrance of Bed.  We went directly to the bar and took our drinks (mine's vodka sprite, Fernz was ice tea, ngek).  1am is the best time to be at the scene as the party is just at it's height and the crowd's pretty tipsy. 12mn is too early lest you want to look like an excited and giggly fella.

We did the normal cruising (cr - 2nd floor - cr - dance floor) and nothing caught our fancy.  We decided to stay at the left part of the stage, where the aircon was (my concealer was melting! hahahaha).

The club was playing my favorite music, MC's I Stay in Love with You and I was dancing the night away, blue frog now in my hand.  The dance floor was starting to swirl and it stopped short at a chinito, petite guy at my back.  He stood out and his being fair-skinned was an advantage.  I was mesmerized.  He seemed to be the 'snotty' type so my attraction won't progress if I don't do anything about it.

(*na-nana-na na naa.. na-nana-na na naa.. I stay in love wit u*)

Hush: you look snob (oh diba, direct to the point ako! hahahaha)

chinito: (taken aback) why?

H:  you're dancing alone and haven't you noticed that guys are glancing your way?

C:  that doesn't mean they're interested in me (doing a pouty lip) and besides, no one particularly got my interest

H:  hmmmmm.. well I am interested in you, you're cute (hahahahaa kinilig ako sa pouty lip nya and nag-goosebumps ako sa sinabi ko!! hahahaha)

C:  you're cute also.. and you dance like Gary V (smiling)

H:  ahhhhh.. you were checking me out also!!

C:  kapal! (and he gave me a tap on my cheek)

(*na-nana-na na naa.. na-nana-na na naa.. I stay in love wit u*)

We danced the night away and exchanged numbers. =)

His text message when I arrived at my condo was 'I had a great time, Mr. Gary V'. that brought a sheepish grin to my face. hehehe

Hush hush for now, hushkins *

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