Friday, September 16, 2011

Bachelor Bash

World Trade Center

So ok.  I am guilty.  But you can't blame me.  The tickets were free and I was curious.  The traffic was scary passing through Buendia and the line was dead-long, but we persevered.. 

For this..

.. and this..

.. and this.. (gahd! I couldn't believe that my hands automatically grabbed hold of my E72 and pointed at the stage!!)

I wanna take up capoeira :( Puttanesca!

.. but first things first, what am I supposed to do with these???  

Please teach me.. do I lick or do I stick it?? hahahahaha ^_^

*hush, hush*


  1. some people lick it. lol hanudaw. basta may kilala ako. eww kadiri.

    daming boys! borta at that! :D

  2. @ GB - hehehe sino yang kadiri mong kilala ha!!

    @ Mugen - i know right?? :p

    @ pareng shenanigans - hmmmm.. ano kasi sinabi mo doon eh! :(

  3. @ pareng shenanigans.. hmmm.. basta may sinabi ka doon that I would like kept private ^_^ yun lang yun :)

  4. aaah! parang alam ko na.. hehe!

    unti unti ka nang lumilinaw sa akin..