Saturday, September 18, 2010

Beautiful Nightmare

Rori and I were talking aimlessly at his biga adventures and how it went south, when he mentioned how come I haven't updated my blog lately.  Unsaon nimo pagdaghan ug hushkins kung di ka magsulat? Hmf.  I told him that I'm just using my honey's MAC and I only get a chance to update it if he's around, so that would mean only on weekends.. and those weekends are spent catching up with honey also.  Rori said, why won't you buy yourself one then?  

I am not tech savvy, and I find pure joy just going to the gym and watch TV.  I had no reasons to buy a laptop and this is why I spent huge on my LCD TV because it's my past time (aside from it looks good and added pogi points. hehehehe) But apparently, I need one.. I'm addicted to blogs lately and I've spent a lot of my free time at the office reading through various blogs.  It is indeed insightful.  I thought that blogs were for people who have no life... (now, now, huskins, don't raise those eyebrows yet hehehe, there's a but here somewhere) but it's either that I have no life also, or I was dead wrong! hehehe

I don't want any laptop.  I'm aiming for the Macbook Pro =) and they say that if you wish for something, you aim for the heavens.  Oh diba, this will be my wish list this Christmas =)  and I'll save up for this beauty. hehehe  I read somewhere that if you place a picture of the thing you aspire for and you view it everyday, it will materialize.  I've done this with Baby Blake and nothing wrong with doing it again for the mac.  Now, I'm thinking of naming this gadget also, what do you think, hushkins? =)

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