Friday, November 4, 2011

Another great Mash-up

I've always loved the way Sam Tsui's mouth enunciates every word he sings.. and how wide they can spread! hahahahaha ^_^

This is one great mash-up after his hit before.  

Do you think he's PLU?  The effort that his 'pal' Kurt makes me want to hug and welcome him. hehehehe 

*hush, hush*


  1. i love how his mouth opens wide too. i wonder how many we could fit in there. LOL

    i guess he's PLU, but who cares, right? he's effin talented. i love him.

  2. i could only sigh every time he sings.. and those eyes. hay..

  3. He's not accepted in High School Musical right?

    But love how he sings!

  4. "I've always loved the way Sam Tsui's mouth enunciates every word he sings"

    Please, stop, my imagination wants to tell me something. Lol.

  5. bet ko na sana kaya lang mash-up eh ganda sana nung edge of glory.. may buong cover ba siya niyan?

  6. @ albert, i'm not sure if he was rejected in high school musical, wasn't it glee? hehehehe

    @ Mugen, hahahaha I can't control myself everytime his mouth opens! hahaha

    @ shenanigans, I don't think he has an original piece, all revivals, but i'm not complaining ^_^

  7. love the mash up. medyo nalito ako kung anong song na yung kinakanta pero i liked all of them.

  8. yup. para siyang PLU. and wala na siyay mabuhat maong ingon ana siya. haha :D

  9. @ Sean - gandoooh noh? heheh

    @ GB - hehehe mao gud,pero lingaw lang gud ko sa iya baba! hahaha