Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Startled Hush

Punchline QC

After dinner at Cafe 1771 and drinks at the Reserve, me, Vinz, Shiela and her cuz from States headed up to Punchline to get some dose of laughter (over Laffline since we are a fan of Wacky Kiray hehehe).  It has been ages since I visited the place and not much has changed physically (Anton Diva even lamented how 'modern' their cathode ray tube are! hehe).  

As expected, we were tickled to our delight, and didn't get any 'tirades' from the performers despite us being seated upfront! hehehe  It was fun, fun, fun and I want to apply what Kiray threw out to one lady.. like, duh, you are sooo difficult, ikaw ay sooo mahirap. hahahahaha!  Love, love his tactics :)

… and the best part of all, while waiting for the valet attendant to get Blake, Vinz bought roses from some random vendor and gave it to me and smack me in front of Shie and her cuz.  hahahaha puttanesca! kinilig ako! Sh3t! 

ang sarap lang gumising pag ganito nakabungad sayo. hay
*hush, hush*


  1. I'm so happy for you Mr. Hush. For a moment, I thought Vince and your baby are two different people, nag back read pa ako para malaman. Haha!


  2. akala ko nakapatong yung roses sa pritong itlog. lol.

    nice one hush!

  3. hahahhaha @ Nishi ^_^ Owwwaaaannnnge yan hehe ^_^