Friday, October 21, 2011

Truly Selamat Datang

This post will be more of an informative travel blog on the best things to do and see in Malaysia, truly Asia.  Char. hahahaha

I feel that taxis and car for rent are given incentives if they take their passengers to this place, Beryl's.  This was our first stop from the airport, and I had joy in taste-sampling their chocolates, especially the tiramisu variety.  It was hilarious to see Sheila grimaced when I handed her their chili chocolate!! hahaha it was fun.  Price: MYR87 for 1 kilo.  At Genting though, their chocolates are packed in affordable boxes starting from MYR5 to MYR30.  Not bad.  MYR1 = Php14.

Famished, we trudged down to Nando's, which is not really a Malaysian restaurant.  I ordered Peri-peri chicken (hottah hottah!), with corn and potato salad.  Setback at MYR25.  


Bukit Bintang (I think it means Walk of Stars) is the place to be if you want to shop.  I basically hopped from Berjaya to Suria to Pavilion, and even visited their BB mall.  hehe Bought Bonia passport holder (MYR191) and Philosophy shirt and shorts (MYR270) and Giordano pasalubong buy 2 shirts at MYR85.  I don't want to start what my friends bought, they are a whore!! hmf.  For cheap thrills, there is the night market at Chinatown, and prices start at MYR6 for those set-keychains.  Ahhhh.. the joys of shopping! ^_^

I forgot what festival the country was celebrating (addendum: it was the Diwali festival hehe), but every establishment had this cute portrait on the doorsteps, which I later learned to be made of rice grains!  Neat, ey? :)  This was taken at the Berjaya.

For those who fancy sightseeing (which I realized I am no longer a fan of, must be the age!!), Batu Caves and Genting Highlands are the place to visit.  The former has no entrance fees but the transportation will cost you MYR90.  Beware of monkeys though, they are naughty!! Hmf.  I was hanging on to my necklace for dear life! hahahahaha

Genting Highlands is so-so.  It's their Disneyland equivalent, but once you've been to Disneyland or Oceanpark, Genting will seem mediocre.  The facilities isn't well-maintained, and the painting on the Resorts World hotel have started to peel… plus the.. uhm.. basta! hahaha Bring a jacket though, coz I didn't and gahd knows I froze while wearing my skimpy pek pek shorts! hahahaha sh3t! hahahaha  Ride-all-you-can is at MYR62 (expensive!!), while MYR30 for only indoors activities.  I suggest you skip both and just tour the shops and rides inside, and take pictures.  It's not really that amazing, trust me. 

Petronas, or KLCC (KL Corporate Center) is still best viewed at night.  It is such a lovely sight.  The building below is their 'Central Bank', it equals in elegance also :)

… and tada!! For the last part, and the thing that I enjoyed most.. :) Clubbing on Saturday!! weeeeeh :)  So I decided to go to MarketPlace along Jalan (which means road) Yap Kwan Seng, near the Australian embassy..

.. to be continued :p

*hush, hush*


  1. Cool! Sayang wala kang picture nung chocolates. Curious lang, magkano yung equivalent sa peso nung ringgit. Hehe.

  2. heya GB, you will be surprised at how much I spent. hahahahah Mugen, MYR1 = Php14 or USD1=MYR3