Friday, December 23, 2011

Processing NBI clearances

After embracing cloud 9 the past days, reality hurled me back upon processing the needed requirements for my next endeavor.  Facing me on a piece of paper were words that made me squirm.. NBI CLEARANCE.

Not for anything else (I know I don't have any record or name-sake! hehe), but the lines in those centers could take forever!! .. and the 'systematic' way of doing things there makes me shiver. hehehe

Armed with my former Slimmer's World ID, I replicated what I did 3 years ago, and headed to Megamall. hehehe I was thinking, if I could go in early ahead of the masses, I will be first of the pack and finish early! *evil laugh* bwahahahaha!

'Sir, wala na po NBI center rito.. mga 5 months na pull-out na sila'

Puttanesca!! The evil plan immediately backfired! hahahahha

'Try mo sa Parksquare 1, pre.  10-5pm daw, tinanong ko sa guard dito', texted Ferns.

So, ok.  I will just head to that place early the following day.

The next day.

'Ay sir, na pull out na ang NBI rito.  Nasa Robinson's Galleria na'

What??  Time check. 8.20am.  I hurriedly hailed a cab and proceeded from Makati to Ortigas.  Good thing, the driver was swift! It took only 10 minutes. hehe

Along the way, I was scheming ways to outwit the masa.  I checked my wallet if I had with me my Gold's card, alas it was not there.  I will try to force reason with the guard to allow me in since I am a member.  Hmf.

Then I found out that all those schemes were useless. hahaha  The guard handed me a priority number at the entrance.  166!! At 8.30am??  

Needless to say and with nothing left to do, I form part of the queue, all hapless! hahahaha  Apparently the center opens at 8am, but giving out of priority numbers start at 7am.  The center only caters to 500 applicants a day and operates from 8am to 5pm only, and though you may have NBI data before and it just needs renewal, everything has to start from scratch, due to a new system in place.  So what happened to our old data?? Tsk tsk! 

Other data:
Cost of cab from Makati to Galleria:              Php 107
Cost of NBI clearance:                                        115
Cost of cab from Galleria to Makati:              Php 110
Price of Ministop drink:                                        35
Ballpoint (simply because I forgot!)                       17
Equivalent hours consumed (830am to 1030am)  4,658!!

Char lang =)

*hush, hush*

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