Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Proud dada

Baguio City
November 19 to 20

A week into our monthsary, me and my baby decided to go uphill and spent the weekend at Baguio City.  I heard it was 13 degrees, and what better way to escape the heat of the metro  than bask in the cool air of the summer capital? :)

So after Friday night's gig at Bed, we took on the long journey ahead.  The drive provided venue for us to get to know each other better, and though I can manage to reach Baguio in 4 and a half hours, I decided not to.  We never ran out of things to talk about, from simple sights he saw (he would suddenly point at houses he liked which would divert my attention from the road! tsk tsk!) to memories I had over the places we passed by.  My baby was so excited about this trip and that served as my caffeine despite us not having slept from Friday's work, then dinner at Contis and gimmick at Malate.

Show me Baguio, baby ^_^
I prefer taking Kennon over Marcos when climbing up, and the sunny weather took away my anxieties in using that road.  Besides, the coveted Lion's head is a must for first timers like my baby.

Until now, I still don't know how to mask out face-pics on my Macky. hay
After about 6 hours, we reached Baguio and rolled down Blake's windows to breathe in the scenery :)  I booked our hotel where-else but only at Camp John Hay.  No other way to enjoy Baguio than to smell fresh pines! 

Ang sarap lang gumising to this view from our bedroom, hugging someone I love
I took him to places and we dine in restaurants that only Baguio can offer.
50s diner

50's Gangsta-gangsta.  Unbelievably plenty at Php130.  Sulit!

Packed Session road
I love this bulb fixture of Cafe Zola

Interiors of Cafe Zola
Gimik @ Nevada Square.  Baby peeing at someone's car. bad baby!
Wright Park, the Mansion and the pond (I think that's the name)
Mine's view while sipping strawberry taho :9
bought strawberry, ube jam, alfajor at Good Shepherd
All these within 2 days and one night stay :)  Quite a feat, I must say!  We just had to sleep 2hours on our first day and 4 the next day..


Seeing the joy on my baby's face… priceless :)

*hush, hush*


  1. Happy Monthsarry to the two of you! :-)

  2. Sa mata pa lang, kamukha na niya si Jericho Rosales. Hahaha.

    Happy Monthsary sa inyo!

  3. thanks guys ^_^

    @ Mugen - noh :) kinikilig lang ako. hahahaha

  4. This is a sweet little thing buddy. Love tickles me! Cool. happy anniversary!