Saturday, November 27, 2010

To Pass or not to Pass

Bro texted me Tuesday.

'Good evening kuy.. ala man ghapon ku kapasar… :-('

My heart sank.

He had requested me to go to Quiapo to pray for his licensure examination, which I willingly obliged.  I had literally called the heavens for help..

I immediately called to console him.

'ok ra na bro. if dili meant sa imo ang licensya, then di meant..'

'mao lagi.. apply nalang ko nindot ug daku mo.sweldo na companya'

'pagcall center nalang bro. daku pa sya sweldo' (well, that's what I heard and they say it's easy to apply in one)

'mao pud ako huna-huna.. tabangi ko himo ug resume kuy ha'

'sure ba. basta kaw bro'

I don't know where he got it wrong. Last day of examination, I called to check up on him how it was, and he heaved that it was difficult.  I nonchalantly waved the idea, but now that results are in, reality smacks in the face.  My bro was a performer in school before, until around high school.  His academics went south but he excelled in basketball though, but I doubt if basketball would help him in the future.  His degree was decided by my father, which I naturally opposed because it was not my brother's will, but unlike me, my brother is the obedient type, no frills type.  I would say his tertiary studies was a rough road (and I guess, partly I kept egging him why he took such course),  and I wasn't surprise when he didn't pass on the first take.  His heart wasn't in on it.

But times have changed, and so have hearts.  This time, he wanted to pass, I can feel it and this time, I supported him, fully and even financially (no yabang intended here).  But I guess the Fates didn't will it this time.. maybe someday, but now, my bro will have to step forward his best shoes in this brutal jungle we all live in, without the necassary battle gear.  Who knows, he'll survive with just a knife in hand.. and my armalites behind :)

Hush hush for now.

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