Tuesday, November 2, 2010

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Makati Office.  Nov 1.



It was honey. 

It was month end and I was rushing things to meet timelines.  I was engrossed with the reports that I forgot to respond to him.

'Matagal ka pa ba sa office, baby?'

Every month end, I usually go home around 1 to 2am.  It was still 1130pm, too early, besides I had some issues that need to be resolved immediately.  I was busy following through queries left unresolved via Microsoft Office Communicator.  I find OC very useful and saves lots of overseas phone bills. 

'Medyo hon.  Month-end eh.'

'Mga what time mo ko sundin, baby?'

I normally fetch him up every first day of the week so he could sleep at my pad the entire week.

'Give me an hour or two.. ano gawa ni honey habang walang work?' (I was being pa-cute)

'Nagmalling si honey, then nakita nya na close pala ;(' (We were doing baby talk hihihi)

'Ahhh..' was my short reply.  I was again concentrating on my work.

'May surprise ako kay baby =)' 

'Talaga?  Ano yun?' was my nonchalant reply.

'Basta surprise nga eh.  Ma.ha.happy si baby.'

'Hehe"  was my oblivious response again.  Month-end and I need to submit everything by 12mn.  Bwisit na timelines.

'Text mo nalang ako pag pa-uwi ka na ha'


-o -- oo -- oo -- o -

Fast forward.

'Baba ka na.  I'm here na'

'Ok baby'

It was drizzling outside.  Honey came down from his condo wearing a beige trenchcoat.  Fashionista??  He was sporting his new glasses made of wood.  He bought that at People are People, but the trenchcoat I can't recall.

'Bago coat mo?' I demanded when he entered Baby Blake (my car's name).

'Hinde baby.. kasama kita when I bought this'

'Parang hinde.  Shopping ka na naman!'

'Hinde noh.  Kasama kita nito noh.  Anyways, my surprise ako sayo.'  He was being pa-cute.

'Ano-ano yun?'  I was acting like a dog eager for his bone, tongue hanging out! hahaha

Honey took something out from his manly bag (manly but more of gayly hahaha).  Hopia.

'Ano yan??' I said indignantly.

'Hopia.  Di ka man lang happy'. He was pouting.

At the back of my mind, hopia??  Ano yan, hopia like me too?? Ngek.

'Ngek', unable to suppress my disappoint. 'Lagay mo please ulit sa bag mo, maya kainin natin'

'Hmf, di ka man lang na happy'  

Then honey took something out again from his ungodly man bag (hehe).  It was still in a plastic shopping bag.  

'May surprise ako ulit'

Honey pulled out the content of the plastic bag.  A shirt.  A muscle shirt with intricate designs on it.

'Yan mahilig ka sa mga bar shirt, binili ko for you'.

I was struck speechless.  Honey seldom does that.  I didn't know what to say.

'Di ka man lang mag.thank you' he was glaring at me.

'Hahaha thank you honey. I love you honey.'

-o -- oo -- oo -- o -


One of my colleagues, Jechel, read my palm last Friday and we bought up again her results prior to the events above.  She mentioned that I am one simple guy that don't complicate things (e.g. if somebody requests me to accompany him/her, I immediately accomodate that request, without ifs and buts).  She also read the lines side of my palm that I love too much, and in loving that person, I expect too much and in the end, I get frustrated with their shortcomings.  Jechel said that it's not them who has a shortcoming, but I who needs to improve on that aspect, that I need to lower those expectations, because the people I love, the people I care for, are also humans, and as humans they also have their limits.

Insightful and true.  Maybe I should lower my expectations.. haaaaaay.

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