Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Bothered profusely

I've had a crush on him from the time I saw his picture from a common friend of ours.  The Aussie friend blatantly described him, oh kana sya, he is bayot uy!, mixing her Aussie twang with Bisaya.  Cute.  I mean the way my friend enunciated those words. hahahaha :)

I officially met him in BED (no, the club! well, I wish hehe) by February of this year.  He was  with a friend, who I initially thought was his better half, as Chantelle (Aussie friend) had mentioned that he was hitched.  I scrutinized his companion then, and remembered clearly exclaiming to myself, it was exaggeration that he was hot, he is not! hehehe  Turned out he was just a friend of the guy.  Then my eyes wandered over to the guy I saw on the picture.. ahhh.. my type.  Tall, chinito, fair-skinned, intelligent (CPA, love my own hehehhe), 23 years old (young! hehehe), lives in Mandaluyong (no proximity issues) and definitely gay. hehehhehe :)  I definitely like him.

It's not natural for me to add up guys on Facebook, but I was not able to resist. :) I clicked on his profile and devoured (??) all the information I could get my hands on.  He accepted my friend request and from there, we were constant chat mates every Sunday.  It was there that I subtly asked for his number:

Hush: 'Gimik this saturday, join ka!! :)'

K: 'Sa malate ba?  Kaka.gimik lang namin sa Palawan2 last night with Bogs'

H: 'Who's Bogs?'

K: 'hehhehe kala ko na introduce ko na kayo.  Yung BF ko'

Ahhhhh.. hmf.

H: 'ahhh oo nga.  Well text me if you want to join us. 0917 696 6969.'

K: 'ok. Will do'

He joined us that night, but what was ironic was, Aldrin bought along a guy he dated, and Ferns was with Vic, his then-boytoy.  So, it turned out that it was as if we were having triple dates, which I felt self-conscious about.  I didn't want him to feel that it was a triple date and tried to elude him as much as possible.  Hay.  I should have been sweet instead! tsk tsk!

I have always loved challenges, and the idea that the guy has a partner excited me to my very core.  Somehow, I sensed they were on shaky grounds, based on stories he tell, and the manner we exchanged text messages.. or maybe it was just my imagination.  Nevertheless, I restrained myself from flirting too much with the guy and even joined him and his boo on one occasion to Palawan2.  His boo is ok, pa.tweetums effect.  I distanced myself and seldomly texted the guy, unless he initiates first.  hehehe

Then, 8 hours ago, I saw the post above in his FB account, then all  sensual  feelings rushed forth and I was giddy.  I called him up (atat lang) and asked whether he was ok, and that he shouldn't worry coz he should know that I have shoulders to cry unto.  Very drama, actually, but I mean it. hmf!!  He wouldn't divulge the reason why he broke up with his boo, only vague statements about words spoken but not shown (tama ba, paninindigan sabi nya eh. facebook chat emoticon confused) and how he has been waiting for it for a year already and still nothing.

I called up Rori to seek for advise, and he said to give it time.  Maybe it's just a phase in their relationship (sh#t ka!!) and that they may still be able to resolve it (puttanesca!!), afterall, they have been at it for a year already (leche flan!).  Hmf. hmf. hmf.  I hate him, and yeah, those are words that I will heed, as much as I would love to go to his office and play nota, este, DOTA with him.  I will learn that game, I swear!! 

I am confused.  Hay.  But I promised myself that the next time he falls, I'll be there to catch him tenderly :) weeeh 

*hush hush*

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