Saturday, September 25, 2010

Good Karma

I was checking my facebook account when a message popped up on my screen.  Ely.

musta ka na?'

I didn't respond.  I was bracing myself for the same question he's about to ask me.

'are you still mad at me?'

To which I responded:

'hahahahaha why would I still be mad at you?'

'because of what I did to you..'

He was my ex way back in Cebu.  Count 4 years AGO.  Prehistoric, ancient.  We didn't part ways as friends.  He broke my heart through email. hahahaha can you believe it?  He wasn't man enough for me, but then again, he's gay! Irony.

He continued:

'I've said this a thousand times, but I'm sorry for what I did'

'hahaha don't start again.  I'm ok already.  I've moved on.  You should also'

This was true.  I'm happy where I am now.  I thought my world will crash that day I received the email.  It was a month after I was transferred from Cebu to Manila.  I explained to him that we could work this out, having a long distance affair.  Besides, Cebu Pacific offers cheap rates and an hour's flight isn't that long.  Heck, it takes even longer to ride from Mactan airport to my place.  But he was a complicated person, had lots of issues and including money issues.

He responded:

'This is probably the reason why my life's a mess now.  I can't sort out my life now and now that mama is gone..'

'Just think that you have an angel watching over you, Ely.'

Sorry, but I already paid respect to his mother's death and bringing it up again seems antagonizing on my end.  What's he driving at?  Self-pity?  Come on.

'Ever since we parted ways, my life's a wreck.  I'm having trouble finding a decent job, got deported back from Bahrain because I caught hepa and the death of my mother seems to bear my world down'

I ignore him.  Enough of his drama.  I continued checking my facebook.

'I'm really sorry'

I wanted to tell him, karma's a bitch, but that sound's bitter. hehehe  

'You know what, I always believe in good karma.  When I love somebody, I give it my all, I don't hesitate what the repercussions may be.  I just love and hope that it will eventually turn out well.'

'I know.  You were good to me, Hush'

'hahahahaha yah, I was.  but hey, after we parted, look at my ex's and my honey now?  They're gorgeous!! hehehehe puro sila gwapo =)'

Ouch.  That mush have hurt him.  I thought before he was a looker.  Afterall, he was a working for Plantation Bay, front personnel.  Rori did say that he was a good-looking before but parang na losyang na after I we parted. hehehehe  Applause! hehehe

He still messaged me

'I agree. You deserve all the happiness this world can give'

'I know.  Sometimes it pays to be good.  I believe in good karma'

Then I logged out.  He was definitely something of my past that I want to forget.  Bitter?  I don't think so.  I have just moved on..

Hush hush for now, huskins*

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