Wednesday, December 22, 2010


Hushkins, can you feel the breeze of Christmas-y in the air? :)  The strong gust of wind that sends shivers down your spine and a corresponding desire to just hug someone and feel their warmth?   Ahhhhh… or baka lang kasi malakas electric fan ko kaya I'm shivering? hahahahaha :p

Rori and I discussed over the phone that my blog needs a facelift in time for the holidays.  Afterall, 3 more days before the big day!!  He said that the change will still bear the same theme (candles - for reasons I don't know why, but I sort of like it), but with a touch of the holiday spirit.  I gave him my password and I saw the new lay-out! :)  It's sooooo nice and warm and comforting to look at and the golden touch has always been my favorite motif.  I soo love gold and anything that resembles to the color hehehehe 

Well, I'm going to brag about Rori's work of artistry (again!) here.  He's such a genius in his craft and me on my craft also. hahahahaha hmf.

Happy holidays, hushkins, and happy thoughts! :)

PS - I soo love to go back to bed but but but!

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