Saturday, December 11, 2010

Friday - Tagaytay Zipline!

I had no energy to write what I did last Thursday, it was simply couch potato day.  I ate 3 bananas and shanghai rolls only.  I updated myself with tv and slept on my gym time (sorry :( ) but I was giddy with excitement for Friday's activity!! hehe  My friend Rori was coming to town!! yuppie!!

His flight was 5am but we were still chatting until 2am:

Rori: 'I still haven't decided what to pack!'

Hush: 'oist! mag.alas 2 na noh!'

Rori: 'what am i going to wear this Saturday night?'

Hush: 'the essentials, white tank top over jeans! hahaaha'

Rori: 'yah, and my push-up bra for enhancements!'

Hush: 'don't forget the shoes!!'

Rori: 'yah yah, stilletos check!'

So it ended up that he had 1 hour of sleep, while I had 3hrs, so as of presstime, he's snoring his ass while I'm writing this post. hahaha

Our agenda for Friday was to pick him up from the airport and go directly to Tagaytay.  We had our breakfast at McDo rotunda and headed off to our main activity.. the Tagaytay zipline and cable car!! yuppie!! :)

I haven't tried zipline and I've heard so much fuss about it.  I first heard of it when Marc Nelson in Sports Unlimited tried it out and I never expected that I would do so! hahaha

The zipline is located within the Picnic Grove and parking was not a problem (though they charge P50 per car and P35 per head within the car).  The picture I took above is quite nice to look at but in actuality, it already lacks in paint and needs polishing :(  

The cost of doing zipline is Php300 during weekdays (2-way, meaning, you get to go back from where you started), while P400 during weekends, same prices for the cable car.  Rori and I spent Php1,400 in all, and it included the following:

              2-way zipline
              2-souvenir pictures - zipline
              2 souvenir mugs
              1 way cable car
              2 souvenir pictures - cable car

We realized that we didn't need the mug after all!! (regrets come in last! hmf).

The ride was exhilarating! A friend advised that in order for us to fully enjoy the ride, we need to be on flying position rather than sitting position.  We heeded her advise and planned to shout 'Darna!!' when we took off.  Amidst the thrill and nerve-racking start, we grew silent when we were pushed out to wilderness! hahaahahahaha  Then when we reached midway, we decided to shriek our hearts out! hahahaha :)  It was fun, hushkins!
(The ride can be taken singly or in pairs, we were too nervous to take the challenged solo hehe but promise, I'll be more brave when I have another opportunity to do the zipline)

Rori said that Bukidnon's zipline was a bit more lengthy compared to Tagaytay's but the depth was more scarier in Tagaytay! 

We rode next the cable car, which Rori found so scary, while I find it  pathetic and incomparable with HK's! hehehe  Mahirap na kung may basis of comparison.  The ride was unbearable for Rori because the car is like an enclosed cage, and the materials were uhm, unreliable?  I moved around and it swayed, to Rori's mortification! hahahaha  I wanted to jump inside but Rori was freaking out and I tried to control my excitement. hehehe I took pictures instead, but he was giving me dagger stares, so I behaved. hehe  Good thing it was a one-way ride!  Sayang pera!! tsk tsk

We wanted to try the boat ride towards the crater of Taal Volcano, but it was expensive for only 2 people (Php1,500 back and forth, and that do not include tip), so we passed that one out.

Fun, fun, fun on a Friday! :)

What I ate (paranoid):

Breakfast @ Mcdo - longganisa meal with large Orange juice (which burnt out when we did the zipline)
Lunch @ Mushroom burger - Royal burger with Tropicana (burnt out during driving? pwede ba yun? hehehe)
Dinner @ Manyann - half rice, salt n pepper spareribs, taosi fish fillet, spicy squid rings and bottomless iced tea (wala na!!) :(

Saturday na!!! :)

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