Saturday, December 18, 2010

Puto and Tsokolate

I forced myself to wake up at 430am to attend the Dawn Mass.  I've been meaning to complete the 9 mornings and make my wish come true (tough luck) but I was able to attend only today.  Hay.

It's not really that I believe in the wishing part (really!) but I find attending to tradition gives me solemnity inside and out.  I have warm thoughts on my previous endeavors to complete the novena masses, and I could recall that I achieve this when I was about to take my licensure examination (hidden agenda?).  I was glad that my prayers were granted that time :)

I recalled that mama used to wake me up when I was younger to attend these masses.  I would be excited and even took a bath in freezing water back in Cebu.  The main agenda wouldn't be the mass in particular but the people attending to it.  I could remember anticipating whether RD was around, or checking if there's someone new in town.  I've cross fingers that I'd bump into someone like Piolo just like the movie he starred in with Donita! I still have the tenacity to scan the people around up to this day though! hehe

I would also look forward to what I would wear during the mass.  It was my chance to grab those jackets I have so I could flaunt it, as they are virtually useless with Cebu's scorching day heat!  I still do that to this day :)

It gives me comfort to see the effort made by lots of people to wake up early dawn to vigilantly complete these masses.  Yes, some might drowse off in the middle of the mass, which I got irritated before, but I realized, I shouldn't judge them.  They too might have made some sacrifice, and they may be nurses, call agents etc that came off from a shift too tired physically but the intention is there.  I am just glad that I have the opportunity to commune with Him on his big day! :)

OF course, I also anticipated before my mama's tsokolate matched with puto (not the puto here in Manila but the sticky white rice in Cebu)! Yum yum :9  I had to settle with the suman sold by manang outside the church, which was quite ok for my discriminating taste. hehehe

I miss tuloy my mama :( haaaaaaay.

Hush, hush for now**

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