Saturday, March 19, 2011

Tangled Dreams

from the movie, Tangled
These days, I have just been downloading movies to kill time and it seems that most of these are animated.  I just want to feel good these days and I scan those cartoons that I wasn't able to see on the big screen.  I am getting sappy.  Hay.

Disney's Tangled does address my woes.  It somehow lifts my spirit and transports me to another world that I could just be on my own.  Weird.  I know that it's fiction and I wouldn't dare go into criticizing the visuals, cinematography, musical score etc.  I just want to express how the movie dawned on me.

The movie is something conjured from dreams, that these things don't happen in real life (duh) but somehow, it touches the very core of me.  I wouldn't expect to meet a thief who will turn out to be my prince someday, that's so unreal, plus I wouldn't dare go near them also! hahaha But, but, but.. the dialogue the movie conveys is something else, something to ponder through, for me to digest and nibble on.  And with the close of one chapter in my life, these lines smack me big on the face:

Rapunzel: 'What if it's not what I dream it would be?'
Eugene: 'It will be..'
R: 'What if it is?'
E: 'Then that's the good part.. you will get to find a new dream'

Hay.  I need to move on.

Hush, hush for now**

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