Monday, October 3, 2011

Missing Mama

This video touched my very core.  When I saw this initially, I was moved to tears, and the rainy Monday morning ain't helping it :(

I miss my mama so much..  Wala nay magluto sa ako ug  Life's not fair.

*hush, hush*


  1. Aww. I think I was virtually here when it happened.. :(

    Hugs na lang bai..

  2. oo.. if only hugs can heal the missing piece.. :(

  3. Mr. Hush Hush that video was touching. Magnolia did a great job in connecting family relationship between their products. They have touched viewers' heart especially to those individuals who are in far flung places away from their loved ones.

    have a nice day ahead!

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  4. Wow- So do I. Miss ko din mama ko :(

  5. @ Albert Umbac - yah. This advertisement truly deserves an award. Done, followed you already.

    @ Tim - Mamas are the best in this world. hayst!