Saturday, September 4, 2010

I am Mr. Hush Hush

For some time now, I have been scanning the net, mainly out of boredom from my work.  I don't have any major major complaints (hihi) on my job, and the reason I'm holding on is it's really income-generating, but the tasks are so mundane.  It's the perfect job for those who want to take it easy, easy being coming in to work any time and going home after rendering 9 hours.  Well, enough said about my job (will talk about it later on in my future posts).

So, I came upon various blogs, well, I've heard about blogs before, but I really didn't consider creating one.  My first encounter with blogs was with the gay guy who allegedly scammed his australian bf, but it never crossed my mind to create one.  Then it just hit me one day when out of frustration in my work, my VP told me, why don't you find an outlet to lash out on your frustrations?  My initial thought was maybe I better renew my membership at Gold's (which I did), but somehow it still lack in luster.. then *pop*! why not create a blog, an outlet to let my sentiments down in writing and forget about it after?  I didn't know where to start, so I had to read a few blogs and I particularly got the idea from cc (  I find that we have similar circumstance in life.  I don't want to be identified in my blogs (as of now) and yes, I am in the closet, working at the biggest bank in the world... hmmmmm.. actually, some of my colleagues do know that I'm out! hahahaahahaha

Then came the trouble of identifying myself in this blog.. well, it came to me when I was having a shower.. why not Mr. Hush Hush? hehehehe and thankfully, I don't have any similar names hahahaahahaha

So if cc has his raiders, I'd like to call mine (hopefully if there are!), my hushkins :) So, hushkins, let me introduce myself.

I am Mr. Hush Hush, 29 this year, frankly successful in my career and lives independently in Ortigas... and yes, I am Cebuano, Bisaya, Bisdak (and I don't give a crap if Gloria Diaz thinks Cebuanos can't speak English well).  I graduated there, but somehow, wound up here at big Metropolitan Manila.  I don't have any plans to work abroad (as some friends encourage me to) because I believe that I can earn whatever they are earning abroad! (yabang!!) hahahahaa

I used to go to BED bar (until it caught fire, hehehe), but laid low when I got hitched (I'll tell you about my love story (sappy sappy!!) in another post). :(  I used to love going and roaming the malls, but somehow the lovebug (or is it age??) has caught up on me, so I prefer to stay home and watch tv or dvd (and now, blogging).

I am feisty, and say things without thinking if I know I am in the right disposition.. and I plan to subtle down on this, again, this is why I want to blog, to put my thoughts first here before I conclude on email or conversation.

Well, I'm hoping I'll have my hushkins soon and I'd love to hear your thoughts also. =)


  1. hey mr hush hush! welcome to the blogosphere! im humbled to be mentioned in your first entry! and im excited to read more about hush hush the lover, the banker, the Cebuano, etc etc! tell us hushkins more!

  2. hi closet case, thanks for welcoming me into blogosphere :) really appreciate it :)