Saturday, June 11, 2011

Krazy Garlik, I Like ♥

I had promised to treat Idelle out for dinner today and thought to take her to Contis, since I find the food there sumptuous and affordable.  She suggested that we check out Krazy Garlik at Greenbelt 5 since she had heard rave reviews about that restaurant.

'For the record, libre mo to ha', she texted.

'Oy, It's my discretion whether I find the prices reasonable or not, for the record also, otherwise we go back to Contis', I replied.

As expected, parking was full at Greenbelt and it took a while to get to Krazy Garlik.  The place was packed!! Hmmmm… good sign that the food must be palatable :9

I love the ambiance that the restaurant depicts, I fancied the lights that looked like, uhm, garlic? hehehe I easily felt right at home :)  On the left side of the entrance had collections of Garlic-stuff toys and I simply adored them.  I forgot to ask the attendants whether they were for sale.  I was anticipating that they would give it for free to dine-in customers. hehehehe hmf.

cute menu

Since it was both our first time, we asked our attendant, Trisha, for the best dish.

'Sir, our best seller is the crispy pata'

'Uhm, miss, wag naman yung kababuyan po.  Medyo light lang'

I scanned their chic menu and was curious with their Amazing Krazy Garlik Salad and ordered it.  Aside from being picturesque, it was fantastic for my taste :)

photo grabbed from

Bbq Garlic Chicken
We also ordered the BBQ Garlic Chicken and the burst of flavors with each bite was exhilarating!  The strong barbeque sauce, together with the melting cheese, chewy chicken bits and sweet onions was enough for one to crave for another bite :) hehehe  Plus top it off with Tabasco, and I was blown away! Whew! 

We complemented our food with these beverages: The Shadow and Infinity Ice Tea.  Well, the latter, I alternated with their Infinity Lemonade. hehehehe Trip lang.

The Shadow
Infinity Ice Tea and, uhm, bottomless in-house water :p

This is where the restaurant, I think, fell short of expectations.  The attendant highly recommended the Shadow, which is a mix of dragonfruit, vanilla ice cream and strawberries (per their menu), and it did sound delightful, yet when I took a sip of it, it tasted like children's flavored medicine!! And for the price of Php180, I definitely will not order this drink the next time around :(

The Infinity Icetea (or bottomless ice tea given a fancy twist) was, I think, just Nestea, and I can't help compare to the bottomless ang saya commercial of only Php10 per liter, against this Php110 drink. Hmf.  Next time, I'll just have the in-house water with ice :)

I also noted, and I don't know if it's a good thing or not, but I simply can't distinguish the garlic that complemented the pizza and salad.  I heard that everything in their menu, well except for the drinks, has garlic in it! Or probably because I am not an expert in food tasting.. well :)

The prices are comparable to that of Itallianis (read: Php 450 and up per dish), well given the fact that both are under the Bistro Circle, and our total bill cost me Php1,105 (including service fees).  It would definitely be considered under the high-end bracket for me.

I enjoyed our dish, plus of course, the camaraderie and gossips I got from Idelle.  It is always nice to hang out with my ex-San Miguel officemate and the ideas and ventures we would want to go into seemed endless for just one night :)

I'll definitely go back to this Krazy restaurant :)  I like it.

*hush, hush*


  1. the lights looked like eggs to me.. hehe!

    hoongkyut nung "the shadow".. parang ang sarap! dragonfruit ba yung naka sabit sa glass?

    dragonfruit nga! at talagang nag google ako.. hehe!

    na try mo na ba sa pepper steak?

  2. hehe parang iba kasi iniisip mo sa lights eh! hahahaha :) gusto ko nga meron din ako nyan sa place ko ;p

    hanggang cute lang yung shadow, di masarap! hahahaah parang gamot! hahaha mag.tutubig na ako next time :)

    I haven't tried pepper steak yet.. saw it being lined-up by people, but I wasn't curious enough.. is it good? :)


    sizzling pepper steak... ayan! na remember ko na yung buong name. masarap i swear! dapat nga iba-blog ko xa kaya lang hindi kasi ako marunong mag blog pag mga ganyan ganyan more on tsismis and kwento ang kaya ko lang i-blog pero sa reviews?

    not my forte.. hehe!

    hemingway, try out! di ka magsisisi...
    try mo yung beef pepper rice or teriyaki beef pepper rice.

    tas dun ka sa balcony kumain ah para nakikita mo yung glorietta habang kumakain... soooo romantic! CHING!

  4. hehehehe para tuloy gusto ko ng pumunta now na! hehehe convincing ha :)

    chge chge i'll check it out next time and try to blog it..

    nag.eexperiment din lang naman ako about food.. i'm not a critique pa.. hehehehe try mo lang :)and i.try ko din yang sizzling pepper steak and i.poke kita pagnagawa ko na yan! hihihihihi

  5. oh cge cge! deal yan ah.. *i was about to spell deal as dil* nyahahaha!

    and may sasabihin pa ako sayo.. i noticed na 10 pa lang ang followers mo eventhough last year sept ka pa nag ba-blog. hindi ka siguro masyado nag ba-blog hop.

    pero dahil naniniwala ako sa kakayahan mo which is very evident sa style ng pagsusulat mo.....

    iba-blog ko tong pagka discover sa blog mo. kung baga ima-market kita sa mercado... haha!

    im not promising na dadami ang followers mo sino ba naman ako simpleng blogger lang din naman ako pero why not di ba?

    publicity IS publicity!

    okie okie?

    bat nga pala gising ka pa? *ginawang chat box?*

  6. appir! hahaha

    kakatuwa ka naman, na pansin mo pa yung 10 followers ko. hahaha hmmm.. napaisip tuloy ako sa sinabi mo.. di nga siguro ako hopper.. stick to one lang kasi ako! chos! ay.. blog ba pinag.usapan natin? hehe akala ko iba.. hihihihihi

    hmmm… kasi kasi, somebody advised that I needed an outlet to let out my frustrations and I have been following some blogs before, but I really didn't think of actually writing one, until, I was able to do so :) and I guess blogging about the things that I experience work :) so ayan.

    thanks shenanigans! :) ok lang gawin mo chatbox toh. hahahahaha :) di pa kasi ako inaantok and it's friday, and my body is not used to sleeping on friday nights! hahahahahaha ;p

  7. "kakatuwa ka naman, na pansin mo pa yung 10 followers ko. hahaha hmmm.. napaisip tuloy ako sa sinabi mo.. di nga siguro ako hopper.. stick to one lang kasi ako! chos! ay.. blog ba pinag.usapan natin? hehe akala ko iba.. hihihihihi"

    -humalakhak ako sa gitna ng katahimikan dito sa office, at nag tinginan sila sa akin lahat kahiya! kaw kasi! CHAR! I LIKE YOU! havey na havey! haha!

    uu nga pala.. it's "friday madness" pala ngayon.

    actually, karamihan talaga ng mga nagba-blog ganun din ang simula pero siyempre ako nanghihinayang sayo eh.. may talent ka naman sa pagsusulat eh sayang naman kung hindi mo ie-expose yan.. *yung blog ha!* xempre gusto ko maging sikat na blogger ka! *nanay na nanay lang*

    magaling ka kasi eh! and im a fan! :)
    nagsisimula na nga ako mag back read eh! at kinilig ako sa "simple life at the bukid" nainis naman ako sa *that thin borderline* at higit sa lahat nag wet ang pechay ko sa "ferns is single" LOL!

    sa ngayon yan pa lang ang mga nababasa ko...

  8. naku naku.. :( baka naging disruptive na yung blog ko sa work mo! tsk tsk!! :)

    ako din!! i'm backtracking your blog also.. apparently, I know somebody from your list of Becky friends!!! hahahahaahahah what a small, small world!!! :p

    thanks for believing in me, bro. oh, para lang awards night! hahahahhaha sh3t, ano ba tong pinagsasabi ko sayo :) hahahahha

    at talagang na wet yung pechay mo ha! hihihihi naku, baka huntingin mo na si ferns nyan!! tsk tsk!!

  9. ahahaha! oh my gosh! sino dun? pretty pretty please.... sino dun? na intriga akez!

    "thanks for believing in me, bro. oh, para lang awards night! hahahahhaha sh3t, ano ba tong pinagsasabi ko sayo :) hahahahha"

    anu ka ba! ok lang yun noh! friends na tayo di ba? and that what friends do right?

  10. sorry late rep nag lunch break ako eh... di naman disruptive choice ko na hindi maging productive ngayong firday night.. hehe!

  11. may twitter ba si mr hush hush? shenanigans wants to follow you eh... :)

  12. Like it when you write a review of some fancy restaurant in Greenbelt. Feels like I'm there with you as well.

    Nice. :)

  13. @ shenanigans - ooops! I think nakatulog na ako when you sent your reply. hehehehe chowee ;) ano yang twitter? hehehehe wala ako twitter, di ko pa kasi feel na i.stalk ako eh. hahahaha or baka din kasi, di ko alam paano yang twitter na yan! hahahaha

    @ Mugen - pare!! welcome back :) this would be my first time to blog about restaurant and i'm trying to test if i have a niche on this :p

  14. hmmm… wag na, so that I will remain incognito ^_^ hush hush

  15. eeeee! sige na! pretty pretty please.....

    sorry di ko pamabasa new blog mo may lateral promotion ako eh kaya very busy.. training ako naun eh