Monday, June 20, 2011

Super8 is Boring!!

SM City, Batangas

After 2 hours of driving, I finally arrived at Batangas.  I was impressed, I didn't know that the Star Toll was already connected to the SLEX and that made driving convenient.. uhm, the concrete road wasn't so smooth and I was apprehensive because Star Toll still didn't have any lamp posts along the way.  This could get very very dark going back. Tsk tsk!

Whenever I want to get a clear head, I drive long distance.  Somehow the scenery washes away the muddy thoughts and I get to spend some quality time with Blake :)  This was my first time in Batangas City proper.  It was, uhm, crowded and getting to SM was delicate.  One wrong turn, and you are lost! hahahahaha 

I decided to watch Super8 to kill time.  My!! It was a boring movie!! I dozed off for the first 20 minutes of the film and woke up to the train incident, which was the critical turn of the movie.  It was dragging!!  The dialogue between the characters were barely audible, it was as if they were whispering all the time!! Plus, they just keep on staring at each other, duh.  Hmf.

I didn't read the plot prior to watching the film, I wanted to guess how it will end.  It was just a freaking alien movie, with predictable outcome!!  I hate it.  The setting was circa 1970s, advent of colored videos and the use of Kodak films (yah, Kodak must have chipped in doughs).  The story was run by 6 children (children, as in loud and nosy bunch!) out to do some film project, who happened to be at the train station at the right time.  A neighbor tried to ram his truck straight towards the incoming train, and boom! That woke me up, imagine, from the barely audible conversations to Dolby-surround explosions that span 10minutes!  Outrageous, a truck creating that much damage?? OA.

Did I mention that children were casts in the film?  Loud children??  My goodness, they talk simultaneously after that incident, as if all freaked out etc, and it tends to get irritating.  I wanted to scream, shut-up! I want to sleep some more! hahahaahaha :)  The only funny part was when the alien attacked the bus they were riding in, and one of them suddenly vomited! hahahaha hilarious!  That vomit came out of nowhere! hahahaaha

The ending was a dead-give-away when the children were at the school researching why the neighbor (who turned out to be a teacher/doctor and part of the team that did a research on an alien) tried to ram his truck towards the train.  The doctor said, I could feel when the alien touched me that he was not happy being captured.  Duh.  Then let him free!! I just didn't get the notion why the alien needed to capture individuals to re-create his spaceship.  Connect please.

Good thing was the ticket price was cheap, Php125.  I didn't feel that much cheated, though I must admit, I should have watched Green Lantern instead! hmf.

*hush hush*


  1. This is indeed a love it-hate it movie. Hehehe. My verdict: so-so. My standard will so far remain Source Code. :)

  2. Mugen! blog it so I can hear your thoughts and argue you with it! hahahahahah