Monday, June 20, 2011

That Green Tea Tea Frap

Veranda Galleria

I'm fretting myself with my gym schedule! hehehe The white party is fast approaching this Saturday and I need to look good :) weeeeh

… and I ended up at the sauna, and for the first time in months, I had my contacts on (I'm literally blind, btw, if I don't wear my glasses or contacts), so I was able to see everything. hehehe I decided months ago to take off my contacts when my eyes got irritated, but the temptation was too strong tonight. hehehehe

It's the same practice as usual.  Linger a bit and the stares will pour in :)  Keep eye contact and they start to touch their down under.  One guy, I particularly like, but we were 4 in the sauna and I am definitely not an exhibitionist! hehehe I'm just a spectator weeeeeh

The sauna was not that intense as it was near closing time (usually closing is midnight, but because it's a holiday, it was 9pm cut-off) and I headed towards the shower area to take my final bath.  Upon reaching the locker area, my crush was there and he kept staring, I just didn't have the guts today to ask for his number.  Shy-effect.  I thought he was going to dress up and I was plotting to 'coincidentally' bump by him and tell him to meet up outside, and you know the rest. hehe But fate wouldn't have it and he went back to the wet areas for some more flirting. Darn!  

I finished changing clothes and waited for him by the aircon area.  He came out of the shower bath and lingered his stares at me.  I sooo wanted to talk to him, but maybe tomorrow will be another day :) weeeeeh.

I ended up with my green tea-tea frap and tiramisu cheesecake (bye-bye workout!) at the Veranda to compensate for the loss. Hmf.  I am still here as of this post :) 

Then again, the cute boy besides me left his Asus laptop to go to the CR.  Wow, daring! Now's my chance to steal, este, to DO some pick-up lines. hihihihihi

Hush: 'Wow, you left your laptop!'

Boy: 'No choice, nature calls.  and mukha ka namang mabait eh'

H: 'hahahaha My name's Hush, by the way'

B: 'Mine's Zee'

Boy, that was a firm grip.. and medyo malamya! hihihihih

*hush hush*


  1. makapag-sauna nga ulet sa gym!

  2. @ mr G - go!! hehehe naku, anlamig pa naman ng panahon ngayon! :p

    @ shenanigans - eto, nagkukulong sa bahay, umuulan at ang sarap may kayakap.. sana! hahahaahha