Thursday, December 2, 2010


I was checking my FB account and I noticed that a lot of my friends have changed their profile pics to a cartoon character of way past.  It is supposedly to stop abuse of children, per one shout-out.  For the heck of it, I joined in.  I thought a He-Man picture would best describe my childhood past-time, but I later realized, pa-mhen effect ko lang pala! hahahaha  I recalled I did love watching the Cedie series aired via ABS-CBN that time, 10am slot. hehehe

I scrolled down to my friends' images, I noted Jon had carebears on, hello kitty here, tazmanian devil there, other anime characters I don't recognize (you sure that was your childhood cartoon character? parang lately lang yan ah!) and of course, my good friend Rori had his sailormoon picture on! hahahhahaha As expected!

I chatted with Jon and we recalled the good times we had during our younger years :)  He mentioned, owz, buti sayo Hush, at least pang-genie ('that was our term for gays then') ang profile pic mo, yung iba nagpost ba naman ng He-Man eh alam naman natin ang hilig nya eh She-Ra!

hahahaha :)

Well, for what's it worth, I hope this awareness program works..

Good memories hushkins :)


  1. Ohh it must be childhood character pala. I was seriously musing posting Striperella instead or that adult cartoon on Jack TV several years ago. Hahaha!