Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Mandated Leave

Today officially marks the start of my mandatory leave.  A whole week away from the office, and no planned agenda whatsoever.  Hmf.

Every year, our bank requires us to take on mandatory leaves for control procedures to take place, e.g. continuity of business without your presence ("?"), checking whether you had retrieved restricted accesses, e.g. proxy sites for facebook, or installation of games which can cause viruses to the system, etc etc.  But now that the bank has 'gratuitously' provided me a laptop this year (just when I bought baby Mac hay), I don't know how controls department would check my accesses when I brought the laptop with me.. tsk tsk.

I took mine last year around Christmas, where I went on a 2week hiatus to Cebu, but now, I am forced to take my leaves this week as my presence is required during the holidays due to some important project.  I had little time to plan and now the moment has arrived and I still haven't got the vaguest clue yet.  Well, it would be like opening a box of chocolates, you'll never know what you'll get (yah yah, this line is taken from Forrest Gump).

Two things are for sure though, I'll have spare time to update this blog and go to the gym every day! hehehe I plan to surprise everyone when I get back! hahahaha :) fingers crossed.

Hush hush for now.


  1. Best wishes on your little project mister hush!

  2. morning Mugen! yup, gayahin kita sa pagtodo ng gym! :) hmmmm.. pero hinde muna sa paglove love mo! landi! hahaha